5 Ways Live Videos Boost Your Marketing This 2017

Guess what’s in store for marketing this 2017—live videos!

Live streaming isn’t something new to us, but ever since social media platforms have incorporated it as one of their features, live videos have become a key marketing tool. Many social media platforms and mobile apps have been using live videos as one of its key features, including social media giants like Facebook, Twitter (through Periscope), and Instagram. YouTube, while being the most popular video sharing platform, only has recently joined the bandwagon and have introduced live streaming to host live sports videos, announcements, political event coverages, and more.

Several companies are using live videos as part of their marketing strategy to highlight product features and launches, or to make an event more accessible to people online. We can expect live videos to take a whole new high this 2017. Why? Here are 5 reasons:

  1. Reaches a bigger audience
  2. Pre-recorded videos are great tools to use in marketing, but live videos take you to a whole new level of advertising reach. Live streaming in worldwide media like Facebook and Instagram gives you a better chance at reaching your target audience because, as you live stream and live comments are added, people who don’t necessarily follow your page can see the update in their newsfeed. Instagram also has the capability to feature “popular” live videos in their Discover pane where many other users can easily access.

  3. Creates a sense of urgency
  4. Live videos can be likened to a Black Friday sale: it only happens once a year, so people clamor to get a chance to savor the moment. The same principle applies to live video marketing. It gives audiences a sense of urgency to view the live video because once the streaming has ended, the moment will be stale. Online users tend to take a passive action when a content can be easily accessed at any time, like pre-recorded videos. But with live videos, you can set it to be available only at a certain time which creates a sense of urgency to your audience, prompting them to turn their attention to your video as soon as they can.

  5. Stirs audiences to active engagement
  6. One of the advantages of live videos is that it encourages people to actively engage in your post. In fact, according to Simone Levien, Corporate Communications Manager at Facebook, people comment more than 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos. Live comments are far more authentic and engaging than comments in regular, pre-recorded videos. Live Reactions, which Facebook has been heavily banking on with its new Reactions feature, are also good metrics to see how much your audience relate to the video. All these are absent in pre-recorded videos and other marketing media; this is why marketers are investing more on live videos.

  7. Provides authenticity
  8. Live videos are straightforward: what you see is what you get. No special effects, no video editing needed—just pure in-the-moment streaming of what is happening. Audiences, while being naturally attracted to “pretty” things, also appreciate things that have a semblance of authenticity. Customers, in fact, are more compelled to engage with a brand that are authentic in how they present themselves.

  9. Shows your brand and services creatively
  10. Creating live videos is also a good way to showcase your brand and creativity to your audience. If you’re a company who offer video-making services, live streaming hits two birds with one stone, because you can subtly add this to your portfolio as well.

Live videos is just one thing to include to your marketing strategy. What’s important with live videos is that you are able to portray your brand and services in a way that’s compelling, engaging, and authentic.


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Blog 5 Ways Live Videos Boost Your Marketing This 2017