5 Web Design Trends to Watch Out for This 2017

Read more on what 2017 holds for web design.

Web design has been the focal point of web development in the past years, mainly because of the shift to a more minimalistic and broader design trend. As the year 2017 unfolds, we’re anticipating more web design trend updates on user experience, particularly on mobile websites.

Here are 5 web design trends to watch out for this 2017.

  1. Minimalism and flat illustrations
  2. There’s truth in the saying: “the simpler, the better.” The same is true for web design. This year, we’re expecting to see a lot more minimalism in all facets, be it web design, graphic illustrations, or icons.

    Minimalism isn’t entirely attributed to aesthetics. This trend also goes hand in hand with the general theme of optimized user experience, especially with Google’s preference for accelerated mobile pages (AMP). The lesser elements in a website, the faster it loads. Expect to see more uncluttered UI in websites, with bolder sans serif text and flat icons with matte colors.

  3. Custom illustration or photography
  4. The popularity of stock photography and illustrations are expected to decline this 2017. More and more website owners, especially those belonging to the design industry, are opting to create their own illustrations and photography.

    Customizing these visual elements in a website works in two ways: it helps your website to stand out from the rest, and it serves as a unique, subtle way of presenting your portfolio to your site visitors. Custom illustrations and photography bring out your brand message and add personality to your website, compared to using stock photos from the website that a lot of designers use.

  5. Interactive and Conversational UI
  6. Engagement has been a key part in web design with the emergence of 24/7 chat support systems and the popularity of post “reactions” like what Facebook is doing. This year, we expect the integration of chatbots and other interactive and conversational UI elements in web design.

    Chatbots, or robo-advisers, are good ways to engage with your site visitors while at the same time providing support for whatever concerns or questions they might have. This form of micro-interaction makes it easier for site visitors to reach you without being redirected to another page, or to a different site altogether, to contact you.

  7. Animation
  8. After the discouragement of using Flash animation in the past years, animation is making a big comeback this 2017. Google launched Material Design, which designers love because of its feature to easily add motion and boldness to geometric shapes and style. Motion UI through Google Material Design allows animated elements to be integrated well into websites, without having to worry about page-loading lag.

  9. Long Scrolling
  10. Long scrolling, or one-page web design, isn’t something new for web designers. But for 2017, we’re expecting that this trend will be at its peak with the burgeoning number of mobile users around the globe.

    One-page web designs make it easier for site visitors to navigate your website, compared to clicking a plethora of page menus and having to load each page. Long scrolling is also a key SEO element: the longer the site visitor scrolls through your site indicates that there is better page retention.

As with previous years, user experience is the key objective to most web design trends and updates. This year, web designers are seeking more ways to make it easier for site visitors to navigate their websites. Focus more on site responsiveness, simplicity, and interaction and you should be good this year. However, there’s no harm in trying out new things to add to your web design, so long as it’s not cumbersome to use. Again, user experience is key.


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Blog 5 Web Design Trends to Watch Out for This 2017