Affordable Mobile App Development with Outsourcing

Mobile apps—without them, your smartphones and tablets are practically rendered useless, or to be a bit more blunt, boring. What makes a mobile device an anti-boredom and productivity gadget are mobile apps. A mobile app is what blood is to the human body: it gives it life.

But the thing is, developing a mobile app isn’t a walk in a park, and it’s not that cheap either. That’s why if you notice most of the apps on the Apple App Store (iTunes) and Google Play, these were either uploaded by a developer for fun and in the hopes of earning money, or funded by venture capitalists.

A 2014 Kinvey Report based on a survey with Mobile Leaders who develop mobile apps stated:

’56 percent of mobile leaders surveyed say it takes from 7 months to more than one year to build one app. 18 percent say they spend from $500,000 to over $1,000,000 per app, with an average of $270,000 per app. 50 percent of CIOs think the process takes too long; 24 percent cite it as a source of frustration’

Without doing the math, we could easily deduce that mobile app development is tedious and expensive. But that’s in 2014, and this year brings about a lot of changes in technology.

Recently, it has become easier and more affordable for large companies, and even smaller ones, to have their very own apps. Trends nowadays lean on outsourcing the development of mobile apps to save time, money, and resources. And here’s where SkyRockIT comes into the picture.

We are currently developing various types of mobile apps—from job search apps and project management tools to language learning apps and simple mobile games. Why is it a good idea to outsource your mobile app development? Here are three good reasons:

  • It’ll save you time. You won’t need to wait 7 months or more just to have your mobile app idea turn into an actual working app. You won’t need to spend weeks and weeks of planning, designing, and testing mobile apps; we’ll give back that time to you so that you can focus more on what you should be doing.
  • It’ll save you your resources. If you don’t have enough manpower, or if dedicating some of your manpower to deviate from their long-term tasks and working on a mobile app is too far out of reach, our talented developers can do the job for you.
  • It’ll save you money. And that’s loads of money. No need to hire more people to do the job. No need to spend on R&D. We have the manpower, the experience, and the tools needed to develop your mobile app. Why spend half a million dollars for a single app when you could have someone do it for you at just a fraction of the cost?

SkyRockIT is currently working on a number of mobile apps for our clients and our own brand. If you have a mobile app in mind, or are looking for a great venue to save money on mobile app development, give us a call or send us an email.


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Blog Affordable Mobile App Development with Outsourcing