Offshore Outsourcing Makes Cents

As an advertising agency or marketing firm, it can be real tough to stay competitive within today’s market. You need to be able to offer a low cost solution to your clients, but you also need to be able to provide high quality work at the same time. High quality work typically comes from a group of skilled employees with salaries that match their level. The amount of profit between the low cost solution and high quality work may not always be enough to cover your overhead. And that’s where we come in. We have talented web developers, graphic designers, and motionographers in emerging markets where labor costs may be much more affordable than in the United States, Australia, and most parts of Europe. Offshore outsourcing can allow you to keep the same great quality without breaking the bank.

We have years of agency experience and can work as a low cost extension to your team. There’s a good chance that we’re already working on projects just like yours and even using the same tools you’re currently using. We would suggest starting out with either a full-time web developer or graphic designer and a project manager, depending on your needs, and eventually transitioning to having a complete creative team in one of our offshore offices. So how do you get started? Contact us today for more info!

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Blog Offshore Outsourcing Makes Cents