Walking Backwards Makes You Younger

Okay, so maybe walking backwards isn’t really going to make you younger. But now that I’ve got your attention, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you not to believe everything you read on the internet or receive in an email for that matter. I’m sure you already know all of this, but I’m still seeing people fall for search engine optimization (SEO) scams. You may have received an email recently saying that a company has scanned your website and have found several errors as well as missing keywords. The truth is that these emails are completely fake. They use generic text and simply replace the company name and website URL before sending out the email. The next thing you typically do is panic and hire them for services which can get your site banned completely (without realizing it) from search engines.

What you need to stay away from

  • Keyword stuffing (make sure your text is natural sounding, not just keyword rich)
  • Keyword cloaking (making the color of the text the same as the background won’t fool search bots)
  • Spammy backlinks (having links to your website on unrelated sites or websites with a low or penalized Google page rank can hurt you)
  • Duplicate content (don’t put text on your website from someone else’s site, write your own, otherwise it’s likely to get your page omitted from search results)
  • Buying traffic (analytics can tell when people from the same IP address or area all go to your website at the same time)
  • Paying for likes, followers, etc. (this may make you look better, but it won’t give you targeted fans which will be required to run a successful social campaign)

What you need to be doing

  • Creating unique content
  • Blogging and sharing it on social networks
  • Managing your social media by replying to comments and interacting with fans
  • Growing your network organically

To summarize: if you are concentrating on coming up with tricks and shortcuts to make your site rank higher in search engines, you need to focus on creating original content and sharing it through your social channels, and hope for the best. Anyone who promises you top results is not being truthful with you. Unless you are running a search engine marketing (SEM) AdWords campaign, even Google can’t promise that you’ll appear on the first page.

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