LinkedIn’s Layout Redesign: What has Improved and What It Means for You

Learn what LinkedIn’s layout redesign means for social media marketers and for your professional profile.

At the start of the first quarter this year, LinkedIn rolled out a significant redesign to their desktop website layout. If you haven’t seen the new layout yet, don’t worry; it’s bound to be implemented to all members soon, slowly but surely.

The new LinkedIn user interface is generally more contemporary, giving the feel of a modern, compact, and simplistic look. According to Amy Parnell, LinkedIn’s senior director, the goal with the new design was to "simplify and create focus."

Let’s have a quick tour on what has changed and what has improved with the new LinkedIn layout redesign, and what it means for social media marketers.

What’s Improved

  1. Home and Menu Bar

  2. First thing’s first: the primary change you’ll see upon opening your LinkedIn account is the new and improved Menu Bar. It features key sections that streamlines your user experience of the site: Home, My Network, Jobs, Messaging, Notifications, Me, and Search.

    The Homepage now has a dedicated sidebar that provides a snapshot of your profile, including the number of views to your profile and to your posts.

    Sharing updates, posting photos, and writing long-form posts, or articles, are easily accessible from the Homepage. When you use the "Write an article" feature, you can also access your saved drafts from the same pane.

    You can also have quick access to your messages in the Homepage, reminiscent of Facebook’s IM. The new instant messaging can also be minimized, if you like. Of course, you can still access your messages from the Messaging menu.


  3. My Network

  4. The My Network menu provides quick and easy access to your connections (where previously you couldn’t), pending invitations, and people you may know. From the "pending invitations" option, you can manage both your received and sent invitations.


  5. Jobs

  6. The new and improved design provides a simplified Job Search feature, the ability to post a job advertisement, and access to your saved and applied jobs. Recruitment is now made simpler and easier!

    The Jobs menu has a new "LinkedIn Salary" feature that lets you discover your earning potential with your job searches.


  7. Notifications

  8. What may be one of the best improvements to LinkedIn’s design is the dedicated Notifications page. Notifications are now in a full-sized feed where you can easily see your unread and read notifications, profile views, and who’s viewed your posts.

    The "See who’s viewed your post" is especially handy for social media marketers, since it provides you with insights on the reach of your posts. It also provides you with suggestions on what to share for optimal reach.


  9. Me

  10. The new Me section streamlines all the options to manage your account, profile, and job postings. The new LinkedIn profile is also revamped to a look that’s similar to what you see on mobile. Headshots are now rounded, so make sure your square photos have enough space for the circular border. The recommended size is now 1536 x 768, which is shorter than the previous.

    What may be lacking in the new design is the ability to reorder sections in your profile.

    Adding sections are now easily positioned on the right side of the page. Your profile summary displays just two lines of your summary: 92 characters in mobile and 220 in desktop. Featured Skills also displays only your top 3 skills, although you have the option to reorder the skills within the tab.

    A new handy feature includes a dedicated "Activity Feed" where you can manage your previous posts, likes, and comments. You can repost articles, delete activities, and browse your history.


  11. Search Bar

  12. One significant change that might be overlooked from the User Interface is the simplified search feature. Advanced search is now reserved for Premium and Sales Navigator accounts. However, there are still a few filters provided for free users: location, industry, company, language, schools, and level of connection.


What It Means For You

For marketers, insights on posts and your profile views are optimized. This means better chances for you to reach out to your target market and a higher chance of market success.

Recruiters can easily reach out to prospects through the simplified search bar feature, though its free version is not as powerful as the Premium version.

For professionals who just like to connect with other professionals (like me!), the new layout simply makes everything much easier; all the key features that LinkedIn wants you to utilize are in one easily accessible place.

The redesigned LinkedIn layout basically means a simplified and more streamlined user experience for everyone, whatever your role is. LinkedIn has definitely stepped up to the role of being a social media platform.


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Blog LinkedIn’s Layout Redesign: What has Improved and What It Means for You