Top 5 Popular Jobs to Outsource

Know more about the top jobs that can be outsourced

When multitasking demands seem too high, especially if you’re a small business, outsourcing may be the best solution for you. Outsourcing to agencies, BPOs, and freelancers allows you to delegate transactional jobs that are not specialized by your in-house staff. Jobs that need high-level skills may be best outsourced as well.

So what are these jobs that can be outsourced? Here are the top 5 popular outsourced jobs.

  1. Web development and web design
    Conceptualizing and developing a website needs a specialized set of technical skills that only experienced web developers can deliver. This also includes web design, which goes hand in hand with web development. Testers may also be outsourced to check if the website is ready for public release.
  2. Mobile app development
    Developing a mobile application is also a job that is best outsourced. This is different from web development and design, because the developer needs to have technical know-how on the different app platforms where the application is eventually made available. This job also goes hand in hand with user interface design and mobile marketing strategy.
  3. Graphic design
    Design jobs require creative skills and experience to deliver great designs. These jobs include graphics for social media, 3D graphics, infographics, posters, banners, and logo design.
  4. Video production and animation
    Video production is also a common job that is outsourced to freelancers. The job requires not only creative and technical skills, it also requires specialized equipment and video editing technology. Motion graphic videos, animations, video advertisements, and 3D visualizations are some examples.
  5. Social media marketing and advertising
    Perhaps the most outsourced job of all time is marketing and advertising. While there are many ad agencies that offer this expertise, social media marketing and advertising require a different type of skillset. Social media, or the new media, is an intricate world where strategic and analytical skills are highly needed. This also includes social media management, copywriting, and marketing campaign management.

Other jobs that can be outsourced are IT server support, technical support, customer service, HR jobs, accounting, auditing, transcription, and translations to name a few.

There are many benefits of outsourcing, and one of these is that not only do you save on workforce costs, you also don’t have to compromise on quality.


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Blog Top 5 Popular Jobs to Outsource